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Our Foundation Partner: Ironwood Bed Frames

Ironwood Bedframes - Slatted Foundation

When you invest in a Pure Talalay Bliss bed, it’s important to have the proper foundation or base that can support the substantial weight of the mattress. Our beds aren’t compatible with spring foundations. They are designed to work on a solid, firm surfaces like adjustable foundations, European slat foundations, and platform foundations. Our recommended foundation partner is Ironwood Bed Frames.


We asked Ironwood a few questions about their bed frames to give you a better understanding of their product.


What sets your foundations apart from other companies?

The difference is in the construction of the foundation. Our foundations are made of sturdy spruce wood and has 14 slats with a space of less than 3 inches between the slats, which provides more support.


What is it about your foundations that compliments Pure Talalay Bliss beds?
Ironwood foundations are built to hold up to 1,200 lbs. of pressure so it can easily support the latex mattress.


What can the consumer expect when they purchase a foundation from Ironwood?
Consumers can work with us to customize the foundation to meet their needs. All foundations are handmade in the U.S. and go through several points of quality control.


Learn more about Ironwood Bed Frames by visiting their website and Facebook page.


Contact Information
Email: ironwoodbedframesandmattress@gmail.com
Phone: 775-287-1646