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Pure Talalay Bliss to Stake Out in Las Vegas

Dramatic new ‘Modern Luxury’ brand position in ultra high-end bedding segment

SHELTON, Conn.—In a move to drive the distinction between Talalay latex and other latex, pure LatexBLISS™ has been re-branded and re-concepted as Pure Talalay Bliss–the new symbol of modern luxury and sophistication in the ultra-high-end bedding segment.

The new name, brand mark, identity and visuals for Pure Talalay Bliss will be presented in Las Vegas in the company’s B-945 showroom. The space will be divided between parent firm Talalay Global™ and Pure Talalay Bliss to dramatically showcase the transformation of the Bliss brand, products and selling environment.

“We want the consumer’s experience of our proprietary beds to conjure a cocoon of ultimate quality, comfort and tranquility,” explained Ken Hinman, executive vice president of marketing and sales.

“The idea is to conjure the allure of sleep and to remind consumers of the personal relationship that we all have with our beds.”

The new Pure Talalay Bliss logo uses timeless, luxury-forward typography which is easily read as a single, distinctive name.  The logo also includes a wave design similar to the design that accompanies the Talalay Global logo.

“This wave pattern suggests that when you move on Pure Talalay Bliss beds, they move with you—similar to how your body and a gentle ocean wave would move in sync,” Hinman said.

“A person’s natural sleep movements are never interrupted on our beds, which is not the case with memory foam or innerspring mattresses.”

The palette for the new Bliss logo and brand visuals includes the colors of alabaster (white), graphite (black), dove gray and rouge (red), all of which coordinate with the Talalay Global palette.

Finally, because “no other mattress in this category feels like an all-Talalay bed,” Hinman said, “we’re retaining our ‘sleeping is believing’ tagline, which also encourages product trial and engagement.”

In concepting the new brand experience of Pure Talalay Bliss, Hinman noted that he took inspiration from the French fashion icon and global brand Coco Chanel®, whose timeless designs remain popular today.

Of Chanel, who believed “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance,” Hinman said “I’ve always had the utmost respect for her as a purveyor of the ultimate luxury in fashion.

“It is, after all, the female consumer for whom we’ve re-imaged our Bliss products.”


New Pure Talalay Bliss Bedding Collection

A new collection made from 100 percent Talalay latex will be launched in Las Vegas.  The ActiveFusion™ series includes six models set to retail from $1,999 to $3,499 and uses no fiber or foam components.

“This allows sleepers to experience the many exclusive benefits of the Talalay latex alone,” Hinman said.

The Talalay ActiveFusion line has phase-change, temperature-regulating materials that are blended into the company’s proprietary latex formula.  All-natural raw materials like natural rubber plus natural reinforcing agents, give the ActiveFusion cores different firmness levels that affect each bed’s luxury feel.

At the top of the collection is the World’s Best Bed™, the producer’s first-ever model to incorporate four inches of carbon-infused Talalay latex.  Often used in air and water filters, the carbon acts as a purifier and helps maintain the bed’s freshness.

Talalay ActiveFusion models are dressed in an alabaster knit that’s stitched to resemble gradient waves across the bed’s surface, suggesting a flow of comfort and evoking the logo’s wave pattern.

Carrying a 15-year non pro-rated warranty, the new line uses modern, waterfall-style fabric treatments and woven labels that are discretely sewn into each bed’s side seams.

Hinman said a premium, all-wood K-D foundation is available for special order for use under any Bliss bed.  The foundation is covered in a complementary, textured alabaster fabric and will ship to arrive at the same time a customer’s bed is delivered.   


Pure Talalay Bliss Bed Accessories

Also planned for introduction in Las Vegas are new collections of toppers and pillows.

A new Pure™ Comfort Choice program offers four, 100 percent Talalay latex toppers in two heights and two feels, each covered in the textured, alabaster fabric shown on the foundation.

In a choice of two- or three-inch heights, the new toppers are available in plush or firm feels and are expected to retail from $399 to $499 (twin XL, queen or king sizes).

Along with the toppers, two new pillow lines—also made from 100 percent Talalay latex—will be presented.

The Talalay Classic series includes two pillows in high or low profiles to accommodate side, stomach or back sleepers. The pillows are set to retail in queen size at $69 and in king size at $79.

“These are soft, supportive pillows that are inherently breathable, reduce heat and offer natural resiliency and instantaneous recovery,” Hinman explained.

A new Talalay Down pillow, which is fully customizable to every sleeper, also will be shown in queen and king sizes at $49 and $59 retails, respectively.

Made from thousands of Talalay latex pieces, the Talalay Down pillow provides unique sleeping support and ensures optimal spinal alignment, Hinman said, adding that the “recipe” for the feel requires a higher weight of pure Talalay per pillow.

Both pillow series feature textured, alabaster fabric covers that coordinate with the entire bed collection.


The New Pure Talalay Bliss Brand Experience  

   Elements of the new in-store experience of the Bliss brand will be dramatically displayed in the company’s showroom.

Retailers visiting the Bliss side will see a waterfall at the front “signifying the fluidity and wave motion of Talalay,” Hinman noted.  The water feature will be surrounded by beds outfitted in striking new top-of-bed treatments.

New fabric footers in the graphite color have a two-inch border in dove gray and drape over the bed to the foundation line.  Woven on the footer is the new Pure Talalay Bliss logo; hidden underneath is a two-sided feature/benefit card stored in a self-tucking pocket.

Pillow wraps holding Talalay Bliss pillows match the footer design and “round out the total top-of-bed presentation of clean lines, high contrast and rich simplicity,” Hinman said.

On the dove gray showroom walls will be massive, frameless black-and-white photographs that have been selected to represent the brand.  “These are luxury and lifestyle images that help capture the essence of Pure Talalay Bliss beds,” Hinman added.

Behind the waterfall area, a 20-foot-long graphite wall will divide the two spaces and showcase the design of a new Pure Talalay Bliss in-store gallery.  This retail presentation includes three Bliss beds and a wall-mounted, polished silver version of the new logo, flanked by two signature brand photographs.

Also part of the gallery presentation is a sales tool called the “Bliss Bench.”  The all-wood, spa-like bench holds three pillows made of poly foam, memory foam or Talalay,  all covered in identical black fabric.

“This is an extremely demonstrative selling tool that helps shoppers understand and experience the very real differences in feel, performance and durability between these components,” Hinman explained.

“All in all, our goal is to leave retailers with a strong and memorable visual of what a Bliss in-store gallery would look like.”

The showroom also will feature a media center with a laptop and screen for introducing a preliminary version of the new, emotionally-driven site.

A separate training site for qualifying sales executives as Pure Talalay Bliss experts

is also in the works.

Hinman said the full market experience of Pure Talalay Bliss will include a showroom cocktail party for retailers and press members set for Monday, Jan. 25 from 4 to 6 p.m.  “We want to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere to talk briefly about the new brand and to recognize the importance of retail partnerships.”

NOTE: All mattress retails reflect queen size unless otherwise noted.