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Product Details

Our signature design offers a plush cloud-like surface feel that is simply magical. The unique layers of Talalay latex deliver unparalleled support and pressure relief.

Plushness Rating: 8

12″ Luxurious Talalay

  • 3″ ActiveFusion™ Talalay – Comfort
  • 3″ Talalay – Pressure Relieving
  • 6″ Talalay – Support
  • 15 Year Non Prorated Warranty with a 1″ Indentation Limit
  • OekoTex Certified Talalay Latex
  • ActiveFusion™ Climate Control Phase Change Technology in the top Latex layer. ActiveFusion™ can help keep a warmer sleeper slightly cooler and a cooler sleeper slightly warmer through the night by moving the heat to or away from the body as needed for each sleeper throughout the night
  • Washable/ Removable Luxury Wave of Comfort Cover
  • Talalay Latex: non-toxic, hypoallergenic, inherently antibacterial, mold and mildew resistant, dust mite resistant, breathable
  • Made in the USA
Product Size Price
Twin $3,399.00
Twin XL $3,499.00
Full $4,399.00
Queen $4,699.00
King $5,799.00
California King $5,799.00
    • Talalay Latex is a rubber. Memory Foam is a foam, which doesn’t provide both support and pressure relief.

    • Talalay Latex rubber is a natural material derived from the rubber tree. Memory foam is a synthetic material and is a petroleum-based product.

    • Talalay Latex rubber has a breathable design and cell structure that provides a temperature neutral environment. Memory foam is a dense material, which needs heat to activate its pressure relieving quality. It usually sleeps warmer.

    • You “sleep on” Talalay Latex rubber and it has an uplifting effect. You “sleep in” memory foam which provides a “sinking” effect.

    • Talalay Latex rubber is a two dimensional material. It is both supportive by being uplifting and is also pressure relieving. Most memory foam mattresses use memory foam in the pressure relief layer and traditional poly foam in the support layer.

    • Talalay Latex rubber is “bottomless.” Even when you lay on your side, your body does not “bottom out” into a hard layer in the mattress or on the foundation. Memory foam allows you to bottom out onto what is underneath it.

    • Talalay Latex rubber is a fast response material. When you move, it immediately responds to your new position. Memory foam is a slow response material.

    • Talalay Latex rubber is hypoallergenic and does not off-gas. Memory foam is a petroleum-based product.

    • Talalay Latex rubber is extremely durable. Because it is vulcanized, it is the most resilient material available in a mattress.

    • Talalay Latex rubber is inherently antibacterial and antifungal.


  • Sleeping on a Pure Talalay Bliss mattress is a life-changing experience. Unlike other mattresses, Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses allow your muscles to relax by providing uplifting support and a pressure-less feel. Many describe it as being the same sense of floating, being suspended. It is a difference you can feel.

    Relaxing your muscles helps relieve stress, manage anxiety, ease stiffness, control blood pressure and boost immunity. Chronic muscle tension uses up energy, which can make you fatigue easier during the day and even lead to insomnia.

  • Pure Talalay Bliss uses Milliken’s Paladin product as an FR Barrier. The FR cover (the cover under the finished cover) is simply a woven polyester material that creates a fire retardant shell, that when burned, meet the US fire retardant requirements.

    It consists of these two ingredients:

    1. Rayon (man made fiber genereated from natural cellulose derived from wood pulp)

    2. Silica (sand)

    No topical or post treatments of chemicals are used on this product. Antimony Trioxide class 2B, which is a suspect carcinogen is not used.


  • Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses work well and are ideally suited to a variety of foundations including adjustable bed foundations, solid surface foundations, platform beds, and slat foundations with a solid top surface.

    In fact, Talalay Latex mattresses work on the greatest variety of foundations of any mattress construction. Here is the reason why— the mattresses are made from Talalay Latex Rubber. Rubber is very resilient and durable because of its elongation properties.

    Important Foundation Information: Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses are substantial in weight, and are designed to work on a solid, firm surface, not spring foundations or bases that are structurally not capable of supporting the weight of purchaser’s pure Talalay Bliss mattress. Pure Talalay Bliss may require purchaser to provide proof of the quality of the foundation, adjustable bed base, or bed frame used in conjunction with the mattress if purchaser makes a claim under this Limited Warranty. Therefore, if purchaser uses inappropriate foundations, box springs, adjustable bed bases, or inferior bed frames with the mattress, such use will void this limited warranty without limitation. **An appropriate bed frame must completely support the foundation as well.

    Our recommended foundation partner is Ironwood Bedframes. Please contact them to discuss your needs.


  • The Important Questions
    Shopping for Talalay Latex beds can sometimes be confusing. Not all latex mattresses are the same – in fact, some aren’t even really latex! It’s important to compare the various models to make sure you’re getting the one you want. Here are five key questions to ask that will make shopping simple.

    1. Is this a Talalay Latex mattress?
    2. How many inches of Talalay Latex rubber is in the mattress?
      There are 11” mattresses with 3 inches of latex in them (and the remainder foam or other things) and there are 11” mattresses with 11” of latex in the mattress, like a Pure Talalay Bliss mattress. There is a huge difference between the two, both from a construction and a benefit standpoint.
    3. What kind of latex is used: Talalay or Dunlop?
      Talalay Latex Rubber is made in a vacuum mold that both freezes and vulcanizes the material and requires over 14 hours to manufacture. The Talalay process produces a circular cell structure. Dunlop latex <Link to Talalay vs. Dunlop> is latex that is manufactured like foam on a line and takes less than one hour to make and produces a snowflake cell structure.
    4. Where is the Talalay Latex made?
      Talalay Latex made in the United States is superior to other processes around the world. There is only one other Talalay manufacturer in the world; they are located in Europe. Talalay Global, based in Shelton, CT, is the largest manufacturer. If another company claims they manufacture Talalay, make sure you research further because it may very well NOT be Talalay at all.
    5. Where is the Talalay Latex in the mattress?
      The closer the Talalay Latex is to the surface of the mattress, the healthier the mattress. If there is anything on top of the Talalay Latex in the construction, the bed will not be as breathable.